Monday, 24 February 2014

Heal the World - Konsert Kesenian Istimewa JKM-RTM on 22nd Feb 2014

Frankly, I don’t know what to expect at the concert last night. I guess the highlight on the featuring artists, bigger names such as Dato’ M.Nasir and Alyah followed by show performances by the special children and the senior citizen was one of the factor.
However, when I stepped into the auditorium last night, there was a different kind of crowd. Rows of seats were reserved or taken up by children from the orphanage house, children and officers from house for the disabled; community centres and ordinary citizens alike.

Konsert Kesenian Istimewa JKM – RTM 2014 – 22-02-2014

The opening was Namun Ku Punya Hati, a soprano saxophone rendition by Jari. In the stillness of the moment, Salzi Satim stood in the middle of the stage with another saxophone. So you see, you can’t blame me for being all teary eyed because I really fall for the gimmick!

I wasn't prepared to actually face the event that follows. As much as I enjoy live musical performances, it was not the same when you saw it live, by the special children. The first performer, Clarence Kang, an accomplished pianist is a special child with autism. But when he played Flight of the Bumblebee and Those Bygone Years with the RTM Orchestra, nothing in the world would differentiate him from any other musician. He wowed the audience with his flawless touches and I am sure many, including the VIP was in tears of amazement when he performed … or at least it was in my case. It was beautiful!

Salihin Pandita was up next with his Aduh Saliha song. The wheel-chaired singer is also a good swimmer and has been singing from the age of 7 years old. His macho voice filled the auditorium and the backup dancers sure evoked that desert romance feel with a bit of belly dancing moves.

When Khairul Azmi was asked by what love means to him, he answered it means sincerity. I was touched, as the answer fits the performance that came after. Although he is visually impaired, he has such a beautiful heart that when he sang Andai Ku Bercinta Lagi (If I fall in love again), it filled the space with a powerful vocal. It was melodious. It was indeed love that made everyone in the auditorium feel pleased and touched.

He later sang with Alyah, another love song titled Muara Hati. If he knew that Alyah was holding her tears … J

There were also performances from the Wan Rul Puppet, ventriloquist  twin brothers performing with the puppets, singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘I just call to say I love you’ and also an old song from P.Ramlee. The latter was joined by Madam Khatijah Mohd, a senior citizen from Cheras Community Centre, who sang a beautiful Saloma’s ‘Mengapa Dirindu’.   
Other performers were Wazzabi, a teenage group with a dance sketch and the lovely Nur Ellysa who sang Hafiz’s ‘Ku Akui’. The event was also joined by performers from Beautiful Gates; dancers on wheel chair. ‘I, Me, Myself’ was the name of the dance sequence by Chung Hong Tsin, who’ve won many awards overseas for dance tournament for the wheel-chaired.

There were duets by Salzi Satim and Salihin Pandita for Mentera Semerah Padi, where Dato’ M. Nasir later joined and wowed the crowd. Dato’ M. Nasir himself expressed his amazement on how talented these people are.

The cutest performance of the night came from the Nasom Choir, consisted of children with autism. They were standing on the stage, waiting for the cue from Jari, who appeared from the audience’s aisle with the solo soprano. The song they were waiting to sing was Heal the World by Michael Jackson. While waiting anxiously, some of the kids were fidgeting and when Jari finally reached the stage, they were like all out and bursting with “Heal the world”! It was so cute to see how they watched the conductor and at the same time trying to be in sequence with each other’s voice. It was like watching any other kindergarten performances on graduation day.

I respected the patience shown by the conductor (and of course the whole ORTM). I salute to all the special performers of this concert. And above all, I thank God for giving me the chance, a timely eye opener to see the beautiful side in life.

Kudos to Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat for having such program to bring the talented special artists on air, and thank you RTM for lending the professional touches of the orchestra to make it such a memorable event.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Selamat Pagi ...

BAYANG EPISODE 4 telah selamat dipublished. Episod-episod seterusnya akan diterbitkan pada bulan Mac 2014, utk beri laluan kepada krew production buat video shooting sepanjang bulan Februari nanti. Dan juga laluan utk para Penulis buat English translation utk Episod 1 ke 4. Pada bulan Februari juga saya akan sibuk di dalam menyediakan bahan utk slot 'Live Music from Malaysian Local Bands' yang akan disiarkan di dalam radio oversea nanti. Kepada band-band yang berminat utk 'export' persembahan mereka ke Europe, sila PM saya. Cover version songs pun tak apa. Terima kasih.

BAYANG EPISODE 4 - The first appearance of BAT and TUAH :)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Wished You Were Here - Vino Bar Open Mic Night on Wednesday 15th Jan

I had never been to Vino Bar before so when a friend was sharing about an open mic night at this place, I was telling myself that I need to check it out. Nestled among the chic and elegant of Publika, Solaris Dutamas, the bar was almost full when we arrived. And it was on Wednesday, not weekend yet!

I can say this place is a hit among the regulars to chill after office hours, and of course for any other occasions. Its cosy ambiance, serene lighting and music set the mood right for a good evening to unwind with your buddies and loved ones.

The décor was tastefully done too in red and black and service with a smile J

Hosted by JJ Rian with Naz on the guitar, the open mic night surely attracted many to give it a shot.
You could be Man Bai with Kau Ilhamku song, singing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven or expressing love with Wonderful Tonight. You won’t be surprised if you catch Frank Sinatra at Vino’s open mic night.

There’s a queue too if you want to sing, and it just proved how sporting the crowd is. For first timer, the chances are you will be alright at this open mic night.

As a veteran, mesmerizing bathrooms and showers of many, I was anticipating to give it a try too if not because of the long queue J

On other days, there are live performances from bands and solo act. You can check out Vino Bar FB page for more update.